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Can we all give up using IE already?

IE has pissed me off again with the joke that its developers pass off as CSS support. I’m working towards a new look for the site that isn’t based on BlueFade, which has been in use on here in some shape or form for the best part of the past 9 months. It looks nice but I want to move onto brighter (literally) things.
The next design uses what I believe is the box model, and basically simulates having a centred <table> element. Now, I know IE can be fussy with the box model, but I used the same principle for Scrapie and that seems to work okay. With this site, however, IE was having none of it.
Everything was fine when I was working in ‘testbed’ mode, using just the one exported entry. But as soon as I linked it in with the CMS and added 15 entries, the sidebar disappeared off the bottom of the page. And no amount of adjustments that I could make would get it back. And believe me, I’ve spent well over an hour using code from various sources to get the damn thing working.
As it is, I’ve given up for now, but if any of you are handy with CSS please take a look at this page and tell me what I’m doing wrong. For the curious, yes, that is a prototype of the forthcoming design – I was hoping to keep it a secret but IE has decided to work against me on that front and short of doing a Ben Goodger I’m going to need help here.
And naturally, the page has been working fine in Firefox all along.


  1. Hmm, the produced pages causes a lot of validation errors – – but the main one is a missing div error which would imply there’s a minor problem in the markup (plus, because of those errors, the W3C CSS validator won’t work directly either ). Checking the style sheet directly shows a minor error (see )
    If you can upload a “working version, but without the MT entries”, it’ll be easier to rip apart and diagnose. To test things, I’m having to manually remove the MT post entries and that’s more difficult then it should be.

  2. I’ll get back to you tomorrow. I think you’re problem stems from the fact you are trying to rework the MT templates when they aren’t that great in the first place. You’d be better off starting from scratch.