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And the other thing that’s annoying me

So not only is my life a mess, and IE sucks, but the host behind Scrapie has ballsed something up. Again. For the third darn time in only 2 weeks.
Currently the site is showing a backup sometime before Sunday afternoon, since the changes I made haven’t filtered through. The forum doesn’t work at all, and the FTP server is timing out.
Actually, correction: the web site is timing out too now.
Apparently we’ve had no problems with the site in several years, until recently, but I really have lost just about all of my patience with the hosting company in question. Although I deliberately added backup scripts so that I had copies of all of the articles, since I can’t get into the FTP server I can’t save the CMS as yet, so we’ll have to wait until they’ve sorted themselves out first. But this is another problem I didn’t need.

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  1. You should have a word with a number of web hosting companies (a particular company springs to mind) and see if they can offer you hosting for Scrapie – it’ll be worth emphasising that’s a “not for profit site aimed at students” and things like that. I can’t say for certain if it’ll help (they may say: “Sorry – retail price only”), but they may be quite accommodating.