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Firefox in the blogs

Asa has a very thorough roundup of what the bloggers are saying about Firefox – 45 in total, all with positive reviews of the browser.
Ben Goodger has also made his weblog block IE – IE users are redirected to a page encouraging them to upgrade. While I agree with the idea in principle, it makes viewing the page in FeedDemon somewhat difficult because that uses IE’s rendering engine. He’s also fixed his RSS feed so that the permalinks actually point to something now. Ben Goodger is one of the lead developers of Firefox, by the way.
Meanwhile, it appears I have another convert for Firefox – one of my friends got tired of IE and is now using that. She particularly likes the Firesomething extension, which, by the way, today I are be mostly using Mozilla Powersheep.


  1. The one time I don’t like Firesomething is when I’ve minimized with an untitled tab up front: I’ve got Poweremu running, which is close enough to an actual app title that it throws me seeing it in the task bar – “did I have an emulator running?!”

  2. I tried to use FireFox 0.8 last week.
    It seemed to be working OK, until monitor flashed. Once this flash took place, I found that other applications windows were messed up. I had a text editor up and running editing web page when the flash occured. I couldn’t see the text in the editor anymore. So I went to save the file, and found the standard save dialog was messed up in the same way. The title bar was visable, the left and right side handles (for sizing) were visible and that was it. When I grabbed the title bar and moved the window to the edges of the screen to try to get it to redraw the window, I found that the rest of the window was “transparent”. Even after moving the window off screen and back, the effect was still there.
    I closed the save dialog and tried another program only to find it had the same problem.
    Since FireFox was the only different thing I was running from other edit sessions, I restarted my system, and stopped using FireFox to view the web.
    I haven’t seen this glitch since. Was it FireFox that caused it? Who knows, but since it was the only variable that changed, I am assuming it was and am going to wait until they make a 1.1 or 1.2 version before I jump on that bandwagon! 🙂

  3. It’s better than I thought it would be. The only thing that annoys me is that it forces hyperlinks into a new window rather than refreshing the one I’m using.

  4. Firefox is nice. I’m still using Safari primarily, but I’ve already got one of my Windows friends to convert from IE to Firefox 😀
    The Firesomething extension doesn’t seem to be working on my Mac… oh well.
    What Ben Goodger is doing is not cool. Isn’t the whole idea of Web standards so people can choose which browser to use? I don’t mind a recommendation, but redirecting all IE users? That isn’t nice. Actually it’s stupid.

  5. Web Standards gone a bit far?

    Neil writes an interesting article about the latest browser, Mozilla Firefox. I last used this when it was version 0.7 – known as Firebird. And I didn’t like it. Why they changed the name from bird to fox I have…

  6. Roughly 90% of my blog’s visitors are using a browser powered by Gecko, WebCore (Safari, OmniWeb 5) or Opera. Of any of the browsers available, IE makes the worst mess of the site. I could have tried to make it work, but I have better things to do, like making a web browser, driving my car, watching TV, etc. I wanted something that looked nice for me and my friends who read it. I am satisfied that I have accomplished this.
    Since it’s a personal weblog (that usually doesn’t contain many technical discussions) and not, say,, I’m under no obligation to serve content to anybody.

  7. Yes it is a personal weblog, and you have every right to exclude whichever user agent you want. It just seems rather silly to me. Wouldn’t it be better to display a little box of text to IE users which says something like “This Website, and many others, would look better if you were using a browser such as Firefox”? Not just silly, but against the spirit of an accessible Web. An ugly site is better than no site for an IE user.
    And, as Neil pointed out, redirectng IE user agents makes your RSS feed unavailable to most Windows news aggregators.
    But if it doesn’t affect me, or 90%+ of your readers, then I guess making a stink about it is just as silly 🙂

  8. Ive been using it for about awhile.. I think its rather buggy yet. I like IE only because most everything works with it. I would love to learn to use all firefox has to offer but Im having difficulty finding answers. If your are an average internet user with no skills the jargon is like reading greek.. and my blog looks totally different with firefox.. its rather ugly in fact.

  9. You WILL use Firefox, or else…

    I’m considering installing Firefox 0.8 as a second browser on my home PC (I use IE6 ordinarily). Or I was, anyway. Doing a little casual research, I found that Ben Goodger (one of the lead developers of Firefox) has reconfigured…

  10. “Ben Goodger has also made his weblog block IE”
    his weblog treats my Mozilla as IE – and advises to switch to Firefox. Sounds stupid as it in fact is…