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Got my first flood attack today – 31 comments posted to the previous entry. It would’ve been more, but MT managed to throttle some of them since quite a few were from the same IP address. The bulk, however, used different IPs so the comment throttling wasn’t so useful in that sense. All the messages said “WINDOWS SUX HAHAHAHA LOL” followed by random gibberish. The names, email addresses and URLs were all randomly chosen too. From what I gather, it’s typical of an attack using the FloodMT Python script.
Anyway, since I have MT-Blacklist installed cleaning up afterwards was pretty quick. But it’s made me likely to introduce comment registration when Movable Type 3.0 comes out, or something on those lines.

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  1. This is the biggest reason for moving to phpBB for my content’s storage rather than Moveable Type.
    Mind you, I only get one here, one there, etc… However, I was just sick and tired of dealing with them. So I locked down all the posts so that the comments were closed, and used a script called phpBB_Fetch_All to take posts of a specific category of the forums and display them on the home page.
    So far I really like the setup. I’m even considering using the forums to store “pages” of the site and use phpBB_Fetch_All to display them like other CMS systems.
    Now, this will stop the MT comment spams, but I suspect that phpBB could be hit as well. I do leave the “blog” category open for anyone to post into. However, I have the ability to change that so that only registered people can post. If the comment spam problem moves to phpBB as well.
    phpBB_Fetch_All is really easy to use and seems to have just about all the functionality you would ever need to make phpBB a CMS system. The author is easy to deal with and if phpBB_Fetch_All doesn’t do what you need, I’m sure he would consider the feature or at least tell you what you will need to do to make the idea work for you.
    Sorry about that, kind of sounds like a comment spam in it’s own right, but I really like the script!