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Multiple identities in Thunderbird

One of the new features of Mozilla Thunderbird 0.5 is ‘multiple identities’. It allows you to associate more than one email address with an account, so that you can use one set of settings, but send and reply to email using more than one email address.
This is useful for me, since any mail I get through the magazine web site is forwarded to my university email address. This is fine, except any replies I send will use my university address and not the magazine address. With multiple identities, I can select to use the magazine address or my university address from the dropdown menu which you would usually use for selecting mail accounts.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a dialog in the Thunderbird interface that lets you do this (at least not yet), but there is an official guide. I got it working but it took a bit of trial and error, though I imagine a future Thunderbird release will probably have a UI for this which would make things much easier.
Thanks to Henrik Gemal for finding this.

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  1. hey thanks for that, I just installed thunderbird and during configuration was wondering how to get this done!