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Introducing Annabella

Photograph of my laptop Here’s a photo of my new-ish computer (since I got it 3 1/2 months ago now). I’m really posting this for another reason but thought you might be interested anyway.
And yes, that is a condom mousemat – I got it free from somewhere. Though not with a purchase of condoms.
By the way, traffic for yesterday was again over the 200MB mark – in fact it was only 2MB less than Monday. Total for this month is in the region of 1100MB, 91% of which were ‘human visitors’, ie not robots or crawlers. I’m allowed 350MB/day before my host starts getting concerned, but that still means I’m at 57% capacity…


  1. There’s “getting concerned” (i.e. just checking what sort of content you have on your site) and there’s being “really concerned” – and that’s when the server gets ready to blow up in flames 😉
    My poor neglected blog only pushed 103Mb yesterday 🙁

  2. why Annabella? Something to do with a girl I suppose…

  3. SLAGIATT :).
    (seemed like a good idea at the time, I had to call it something)

  4. hehe..
    and how ‘stable’ is your female computer.. :p

  5. What do you mean you got the condom mousemat from somewhere? You stole on from the Scrapie office like me!!

  6. The Scrapie Office is ‘somewhere’, isn’t it? 😉

  7. Off topic (relating to “Neil’s Smaller World”):
    “Single? Attractive? Stable income? A driving license? A father is advertising for a boyfriend for his daughter. Pity I only fulfil one of those requirements.”
    Sounds good – I’m interested (apart from not being able to drive), but would you “buy” a girlfriend from somebody with the following negative seller feedback?
    “Essential parts missing”