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Woah, like serious traffic man…

Eeek… yesterday I had well over 200MB of transfer in one day. Seems like the FireFox screenshots page is quite popular at present, since that’s the main source of the traffic spike – I’ve had nearly 650 referrals from this page with Firefox OS X screenshots already so far. I’m now quite glad I moved to a host with a greater bandwidth allocation as before Christmas that would have been 10% of my monthly quota gone in a day.
Talking of hosts, you can now look at two girls in a bath full of mashed potato. The hosting company for that site decided to rename the main folder on the web server, thus preventing our site from working. This is the same hosting company that decided to reset our password last week without telling us. As you can imagine, I’m not best pleased with them, and spent the morning doctoring one of the CMS scripts so that I could use it to export all entries in the event of something like this happening again. I am seriously considering looking into moving the site elsewhere but right now it’s more stress that I don’t need.


  1. Can you imagine the traffic that hit yesterday, the site was crawling for most of the day! The extensions and all that are still down. A combined Slashdotting, Blogdexing, Metafiltering, Farking all at once, I’m surprised the server didn’t melt down!
    It’s unfortunate for the mozilla guys that they have such a tech savvy audience who know how to update their software. By next month, there will be so few Firebird browsers still out there, whereas I still get IE4 visits on a regular basis.

  2. You say that, but I still get a small percentage of people using Phoenix on the site :).