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Firefox Screenshots

If you’re interested, here’s a handful of screenshots showing what’s new in Firefox 0.8. These are collected on one of the cluster machines at the university rather than my own machine since I haven’t yet had chance to download it.

Update: I now have this running on my laptop, downloaded from Oregon State University’s FTP server. It’s going to take some getting used to the new name, but I really like the new logo and About window, and the browser feels much more complete now and less like a ‘technology preview’. The only other problem I have is that I need to re-install my extensions, since I used Mozilla Backup to do a partial reset of my profile, and naturally every Mozilla-related site is at a crawl today.

Update II: If you still can’t download it, try the UK mirror service which now has the file. I’ve also added the Firefox button to the home page.


  1. Pinstripe Firefox Gallery

    The newly released Mozilla Firefox 0.8 has a new look on Mac OS X. It is the first Firefox milestone to be released with the Pinstripe theme as the default. Here are a few screen shots. Screen shots of Firefox on Windows can be found at Neil’s World.

  2. Firefox ja Thunderbird p

  3. Neil,
    What happened to about:credits
    is that no longer going to be used? I kind of liked that method, as it shows all that contribute to open source (rather large group of people who put their hand in Mozilla).
    I like the new logo and about page too. And the name (though switching after all that great press the past few weeks is a shame, should have been done at 0.7, looking back).

  4. Did anyone else have to delete their chrome.rdf files to get it to work properly? Not really a simple thing to do for a complete novice, in fact I doubt they’d have figured out what to do at all!

  5. Neil’s World – FireFox Screenshots

    Neil’s World – FireFox Screenshots

  6. Dave: You wouldn’t have needed to (probably) if you’d followed the instructions and disabled all your extensions first.
    Robert: about:credits still works but the new credits window looks more spiffy.

  7. I see it works, and agree the window is spiffy, but a lot of people are missing :-(.
    Would be nice if someone turned the page into RDF, and perhaps Mozilla could parse the file, and append them all to the end.

  8. like always, it is recomended that u do a clean install, delete ur profile folder, and install ff in a new folder (not over an old one)