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Top 10 ways to fight Malware

You probably know by now that I do like to preach about the benefits of up-to-date, well-patched, secure computer systems and why everyone should be aware of security. So, I’m naturally pleased that TechTV has written an article detailing 10 easy steps for a more secure system. It also offers a good tip about getting a separate credit card solely for online purchases (perhaps with a lower credit limit) and not using a debit card. Admittedly I do use my Switch card for online purchases, but most of the places that take it are reputable British companies anyway, since Switch isn’t an international system.
On the same subject – UK people, use a credit card when buying stuff anywhere (online or offline) that costs more than £100. Credit card companies are jointly liable for purchases over £100, so if threatening court action against the seller gets you nowhere, you can sue your credit card company too. Usually companies will take notice if they have Barclaycard after them as opposed to Mrs Miggins from Tunbridge Wells.

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  1. Hey! What’s wrong with Switch? The way I figure it, we’re students with very little in our bank accounts. Surely “losing” a debit card would then be better than losing a credit card?