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Two and a half years?!?!?

Normally I’m not too critical of the university’s IT policies, since in the vast majority of cases software is kept up to date and computers are upgraded on a regular basis. But when it comes to the main machine we use at the magazine, I’ll have to take exception, although it’s probably because the computer is behind a locked door and Learning Support Services don’t know how to get in to update it.
This computer was… wait for it… at least two and a half years behind on critical updates. It was on Windows 2000 SP2, and so it had a whole raft of potential security flaws that weren’t fixed. As you can imagine, I spent part of the afternoon getting the system into better shape, and all updates bar Windows Media Player 9 have been installed.
Update: Office 2000 also got a kick in the balls – I upgraded that from SP1 to SP3. The other machine in the office is in a better state – it was rebuilt on the software side quite recently and also has had Automatic Updates turned on so it tends to keep itself happy.
Another crisis came up with regards to the magazine, or rather its website. The FTP password for the website was reset earlier in the week, and naturally the hosts did not tell us what the new password was. Fortunately, a kind bloke called Alistair at the hosting company offered to reset it to a phrase of our choice, so all should be well tomorrow, so I can sleep tonight.

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  1. Well, that’s a bitch!