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I want your Atom feeds

I’m beta testing FeedDemon 1.10, which is the first release to include support for Atom. Since it’s a new feature, I’d like to test out a variety of different Atom feeds, so that I can report any bugs back to Nick (so far I’ve found two, at least one of which is fixed for the next beta).
So, if your blog is on the list on the right, and you’re not Belle de Jour, Utterly Boring (not literally, I meant the weblog with that title), or Dive Into Mark, then reply to this with a link to your Atom feed. If you don’t have one, then either configure your blogging software so that it does or badger the author of the software to add support for it. Movable Type users can add the default template (MT 2.65+ only) if it isn’t there already, Blogger users can alter some setting, and I don’t know about any other CMSes because I haven’t really used them.


    But surely auto-detection should have found that?

  2. Once my Database gets restored (if it does, actually); you’ll get my feed. 🙁