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Yay for IBM for writing non-futureproof software.
I wanted to download a Java application from IBM’s web site, just to try it out and see if it was of any use to me. After filling out a registration form where I was required to say where I work (as such, I’m now ‘working’ for the student magazine), I downloaded this 5.6MB zip archive, only for it to not be able to find a compatible JVM environment. Now, admittedly, it was designed for 1.3.x, but would run on 1.4.0. Since I (allegedly… ) do Java as part of my course, I naturally have the latest version, which is 1.4.2. Which is apparently invisible to the installer of this Java application (created using InstallShield), since it couldn’t find it.
It popped up a message telling me that I could manually tell it where the JVM was, so I did, using a command line parameter. But no, it still wasn’t seeing the damn thing.
In the end, I gave up. It’s not like the program was that important anyway and I don’t really have the patience to get it up and running. Come on IBM – if you’re so big and clever, then you could at least allow your programs to run on newer versions of the JRE, or at least update your program so that it does.

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