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The Super Boobies Bowl

2 years ago, I said that barely anyone outside the US watched the Super Bowl. But interestingly this is becoming less true. At least one bar in Bradford was open until stupid-o’clock this morning showing live coverage (bearing in mind that New York is 5 hours behind the UK), and it even made the news here. I suppose it’s a good thing as, hey, you never know, it may be a game that us Brits could be good at if we get our act together.
Oh yeah, we won the Rugby World Cup, didn’t we? Okay, maybe we don’t suck that much at sport. 🙂
Of course, the boobie incident made the news here too – thanks to Chris for that link which includes NSFW photos. Although she was wearing tassles so you don’t see everything…

One Comment

  1. What a bloody fuss about nothing! I saw the half time show and didn’t even really notice the incident! Typical conservative yank reaction. Sure it’s ok to show violence all day and all night, own loads of guns, attack other countries, but heaven forbid someone should see a breast at 20:30 at night.