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Monthly Stats Time!

It’s been a very long time since I last did a monthly stats roundup, mainly because my previous host didn’t have a very good stats package. Now that I have a choice of Analog, Webalizer and AWStats, I can bring you these facts for the month of January:

During January, I had a total of 32 255 unique visitors, creating 112 965 page views and generating 1.65GB of bandwidth. The 7th and 27th January were the busiest days, with 2704 and 2512 visits on those days alone. The average number of visits/day was 1604 and the average bandwidth generated was 54MB, rising to nearly 75MB on Jan 7th. Wednesday was the most popular day, and most people visit the site during the late afternoon – 4pm and 5pm GMT.
Most visits to the site last less than 30 seconds but 2.8% of people hang around here for an hour or more. The RSS feed is the most requested file, having been viewed over 16 thousand times.
Googlebot is the most prolific crawler, followed by Jeeves and Inktomi’s Slurp, Alexa and Looksmart’s WISENutBot.
Most popular entries are Media Player Classic (3256 hits), Mini iPods are a rip-off (2272 hits), (2172 hits), Winamp 2.9 Beta (1774 hits), (1165 hits), Weemee (1108 hits), Habeas being exploited (940 hits), Create your own South Park character (829 hits), Googlepimping (806 hits), Windows 3.11 on a floppy (713 hits) and Ogg Vorbis in iTunes (649 hits). The Mozilla category was the most popular of the categories.
Windows is the most used operating system with 73.5% of visitors using it – of those, most use Windows XP but 2000 and 98 are also popular. 26 people came here using Windows 3.x and 16 were using Longhorn. 6.1% were Mac OS X users, along with 1.1% who used an older version of Mac OS, and 2.3% used some kind of Linux distro. The least popular OS was AmigaOS with only 2 visitors, but with the possible exception of GNU/HURD almost all OSes were present in the stats.
MS Internet Explorer was the most popular browser (bah… ) with just under 60% of visitors using that. Firebird, Mozilla, Safari, Netscape and Opera all had 1% or more of visitors; Konqueror and Galeon were the most popular of the rest. IBrowse was the least popular browser with 2 users, which were probably the same 2 people that were using AmigaOS.
Google sent 22 834 visitors over here – more than five times more than Yahoo which came second. AOL, MSN, Netscape and the ODP (yay!) scored highly too. MacSurfer sent nearly 1600 people this way. The most popular search term was “Winamp 2.9”, along with “create a fart”, “movable type templates”, “media player classic”, “weemee” and “sarah beeny”.

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