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Basic Kitchen Ettiquette

The following will be familiar to anyone who has had to live in shared accommodation. This sign is now up on the wall in our kitchen:

Basic Kitchen Etiquette

  1. Don’t steal other people’s food. It’s not nice.
  2. Don’t use other people’s cooking utensils, unless you ask them first. Make sure you wash them up properly afterwards.
  3. Don’t monopolise both sinks. Some of us want to wash up too.
  4. Don’t leave your dirty plates lying around for days. This is a kitchen, not a bacteria propagation lab.
  5. Try to keep the place clean and tidy for everyone else.

Of course, the notice itself uses a bigger font with red and blue text, just to make it stand out a bit.

One Comment

  1. Could be worse Neil, when I was living in America last summer if anyone left food lying around it would walk out of the house carried by about 1,000,000 ants!
    BTW I don’t think you’re remember this information thing is working, I have to enter it everytime.