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New header background

I got bored of the previous header background so I changed it to one I took at the FND last night, which I was pretty impressed at. If it interests you, the song playing at the time was “The Opera Song (Brave New World)” by Jurgen Vries feat. CMC, which, as long time readers may know, is one of my all-time favourites. I’d have been on the dancefloor had it not been for the fact that there weren’t too many of my friends out last night. Normally I know at least 40-50 people there but despite it being rather busy somehow many of the people there were random people I’d never seen before. Strange…
Other than going to a comedy night this evening, I have no real plans for today. I’ve been out most nights this week and had busy days on Wednesday and Thursday so a quiet day sat resting behind a computer screen is more than welcome.

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