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“You have one fan”

It’s going well with Orkut – I’ve only been there 1 day and I now have 4 friends, with one more pending invitation. And then there’s this:
Screenshot from my Orkut home page saying that I have one fan
All that means is that someone wrote a testimonial about my character, but it seems an odd choice of wording – it implies that I should consider setting up a fan club or something. Now that would be scary.


  1. Shouldn’t that read – You have 1 stalker? 😀

  2. I don’t think writing a testimonial automatically gives you a fan. You set who you are a fan of from the Friends page, and then clicking on the Karma tab (the one with the star and smiley face etc).
    But I’m still figuring it all out… I added you as a friend, btw 🙂

  3. So thats it they call it a fan. Interesting. Like what you have said you’ll be having a fans club soon. hahaha! good day!