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Absolut Vodka is vile

Does anyone actually like Absolut vodka? I got a set of four 50ml bottles for Christmas, and so far I have had the Mandarin and Citron flavours, plus a shot of the Peppar flavour which I got free yesterday. And they were all vile, particularly the Peppar one which is I personally believe is some kind of Swedish conspiracy to make you drink it without realising that it is really chilli flavour.
But, it’s alcohol… and it’s not costing me anything… and I suppose it tastes alright when mixed in with orange juice. Still, I have four more shots to work through at some point – Kurant and Original. Maybe I could flog them on eBay.


  1. I have a bottle of some sort of cider (a prize in the pub quiz) in my fridge. I don’t like cider so I’ve not drunk it, but I thought about using it in cooking until I noticed that this particularly cider has caffeine added! Why on earth would anyone want cider laced with caffeine?

  2. The Kurant version tastes great mixed with sprite.
    And the classic vodka is great blended with frozen strawberries, syrup, and sprite!

  3. Heh, I got Absolut for Christmas too… I’m more of a Finlandia guy myself.

  4. I am more of a piss drinker myself – delicious warm urine from a mountain goat

  5. HI
    Absolut Kurant should be mixed with white lemonade.
    Very nice