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Belatedly joining the revolution

I got my first invite to join a social networking site! I won’t name the person but she invited me to join Orkut, which is cool because you cannot join unless someone you know has joined already and has invited you.
Of course, I do think that there are far too many of these sites out there, and I am intent on just joining the one, and Orkut looks promising. I do, however, have a FOAF file, and I’m happy to be involved in that.
Oh yeah… if you want inviting let me know. And if you know me than add me as a friend, if I know you then I’ll accept.


  1. This may sound silly, but what is a FOAF file?

  2. One of these. Basically a file on your web site with a bit of info about you. See the FOAF Project for more.

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  4. In case you haven’t seen it Neil, PLINK the FOAF search engine.
    I’m just on Friendster, but don’t use it that much.

  5. I was blog hopping and found your site. Its my second time here. I’m a little curious about orkut. is this the a free service too? Or do i need to pay just to get in? i would appreciate if you can invite me. thanks

  6. I wouldn’t mind joining if you wouldn’t mind inviting me to…