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Today, I had a little tinker with MySQLinks. I can’t say I’m too impressed though. While it does the basic stuff very competently, has a nice interface, allows you to show sites that are updated, is easy to install and support for multiple users, I was a bit annoyed to find how lacking in features it is. For example:

  • No import mechanism (as yet). I was expecting to be able to export an OPML file from my BlogRolling account and import it directly into MySQLinks. No can do. There is an export mechanism but it will only let you export text at present.
  • No XFN support.
  • Not a huge amount of control over how links are displayed (as far as I can tell)
  • Rather BOFH-esque message displayed when you can’t remember your password.

In short, BlogRolling still offers more features, even if it is a centralised system. I may well create my own system. Tony did something similar using PHP arrays but I could probably get something going in MySQL, perhaps with XFN going. I seriously doubt the code will be good enough to be released though.


  1. If you do make your own, please let us all know! I had used Blogrolling, however, I was unhappy with all the downtime he had and also with the speed of which it sent the rolls to my site. It really slowed down my main page load time.
    MySQLinks is much much faster, it doesn’t have downtime (unless my entire site is down), and my main page load time is much more reasonable.
    I really liked the idea of Blogrolling, but just don’t want all the delays…

  2. Whilst your ‘playing mysql’ do you fancy making a simple search hack for FoF? 😀

  3. I had mySQLinks installed for awhile for use with the Michigan Blogs blog I setup, but the fact that it hasn’t been updated since last November prompted me to drop it. Shame, it held some potential.

  4. I made some hacks (to allow it to share a DB), I like it because of its simplicity. I might try and pursuade the authors to release it in a Open Source license, in which case I would put more time into fixing annoyances.
    More info at: