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  1. But it does have a nasty payload: Keyloggers / phone home Etc.
    Also it has a pop at SCO *spit* 😀

  2. *cough* .zip files *cough*
    I got my first one of these Sunday evening, and clam av already detected it. It wasn’t til this morning that Sophos thought to warn me, and not til lunch time that I saw anything on Google News. Hell, Sophos was even struggling to detect it until I gave it a helping hand.
    I still don’t understand this virus. It’s in a zip file, so to get infected you need to be dumb enough to run attachments, and yet clever enough to run (and have installed) winzip.

  3. I actually meant to post this to Smaller World, but… eh.
    Richard: remember that Windows XP has Compressed Folders support installed, so .zip support is included on all XP systems by default. Still, some people must be pretty stupid.

  4. This virus isn’t always in a zip. Many of the copies I’ve received are plain .pif or .scr.
    By Monday night I had my filters up blocking most emails carrying the virus, as well as most bounces caused by the virus forging my email address when it sends itself >:-(
    I’ve never had an anti-virus program installed on my computer, I’ve never worried about opening or not opening attachments, and I’ve never been infected with a virus or any spy-ware 🙂 hehe someday us Mac users will be sorry….