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Random entries are back!

Random entries are back! I originally added the plugin for them back in December 2002 but successive re-installations of Movable Type have meant that I’d forgotten to re-add it. This means that on the home page, below the ‘On This Day’ section, you’ll have three entries randomly chosen by the plugin from the 1500+ I’ve posted over the past couple of years. New entries are chosen every time the home page is rebuilt – when I post an entry, or receive a comment or trackback, or when I manually rebuild the page.
Not really a useful feature but someone may get some enjoyment out of it all the same. You can get the plugin from David Raynes.
In other changes the title background image has been changed again – it’s now a shot of the dancefloor from the FND on the 5th December last year. At the time the photo was taken there was an air-guitar competition on stage.

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