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Top 250 Movies

I said earlier that I’d do another meme, which was to be top 250 movies. However, it looks like I’ve only seen about 20 (if that) of those films, so it’s probably not all that interesting for you.
In other news, Scrapie has an Atom feed, with full content and summaries. It even validates. That said, I was somewhat miffed that PHP does not come with a function that automatically formats dates using ISO-8601. This means using code like echo date("Y-m-d\TH:i:s\Z", mktime($daterow->timestamp)); rather than echo date("r", mktime($daterow->timestamp)); , which looks much nicer.

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  1. Top 250 Movies Meme

    Using IMDB Top 250 films, you go through and bold the films you’ve seen. I took it a step further…