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Manual trackback script fixed

I’ve applied a hack to the manual trackback script so that it always prepends ‘’ to any trackback URLs. What this means is that the script can only be used for trackbacking entries on this domain, and not any domain. Therefore the script cannot be used for indiscriminately pinging random sites – I had nightmares of a trackback spammer using the script to peddle his porn sites with the only traces coming back to this site.
Unfortunately, I had to use a rather dirty PHP and MySQL hack to remove the domain from any trackback URLs sent to the script – the <$MTEntryTrackbackLink$> tag in MT always includes the domain, which would result in the script attempting to ping…/1234 . There’s almost certainly a better way of hacking the script such that if the trackback URL does not include this domain an error is thrown, but my 1337 PHP $k1lLz don’t stretch that far yet.
Update: Richard pointed out that I’d actually broken the script rather than fixed it. That’s now sorted, I’d patched the wrong variable. Thanks Richard.

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