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Why I hate the Sun newspaper

Call me a liberal, sandal-wearing, Guardian-reading stick-in-the-mud, but, in case I haven’t mentioned it before, I think The Sun newspaper is a pile of [insert word meaning ‘excrement’ here].

I’ve never really liked it, usually preferring The Mirror if I absolutely have to read a tabloid, but starting with the breakout of the Iraq war last year I lost almost all faith in the paper. Its coverage of the anti-war protest march was ridiculously biased (it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch, by the way) – 1 million people turned up to the march in London, yet it still claims that the majority of people were in favour of war because only 1 in 58 people in the country turned out. You only have to look at the number of people opposed to the introduction of top-up fees here (latest polls showing a considerable majority, so we’re talking tens of millions here) and compare that to the several thousand who actually turned out to march back in October.

But I won’t rant too much. I’ll let Simon Hattenstone do the explaining for me, since he has written a pretty good article on the subject. Fortunately the Sun’s readership dropped by 5% this year and I hope this trend will continue – the fact that the Independent is now available as a tabloid, with The Times possibly following suit, may well secure its downfall.

And as ever Tim Dowling takes an irreverant look at it. Unfortunately I could quite see the Sun actually using Tim’s suggestions as legitimate articles.
(Oh yeah, I don’t really like the Daily Mail or Daily Express either, should you read either of those).

Anyway, that’s my occasional, somewhat hungover political rant over and done with for another 6 months. Regularly scheduled blogging will return shortly.


  1. You imply that the Guardian is a liberal newspaper – however I beg to differ, as there is a real difference between liberals and left-wingers, which is what the Guardian is. I myself am a liberal, however I would not describe myself as particuarly left-wing.

  2. Hehe, Rupert Murdoch owns everything back here as well! In fact its working through parliment to rename Australia Day, Murdoch realted festive working day. I’m all for it really.

  3. I have my reasons for hating the Sun newspaper, these are valid and true i think there printing rights should be scrubbed and all money/Rupert Murdoch’s takings should be given to his victems. Further more he should be locked up and the key convenently “lost”. I dont think it is leagel to print derlibret lies to make a person suffer for this reason i will do my utmost to “halt it’s lie telling”. They have fettled with the wrong person. anyone wishing to leard more can use the E.mail i have left.