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Good thing I have nothing better to do

I’ve been sat in one of the computer labs for well over half an hour now, wanting to burn Microsoft Windows Services for Unix (SFU) to a CD (there’s no way I’m downloading 217MB on dial-up).

Seeing as the downloadable file was a self-extracting executable, I thought it might be best to extract its contents first, and then put them on the CD. It would save me from having to extract them every time I wanted to install it. Now, the fact that it adds up to over 400MB when extracted isn’t the biggest problem here. No, the fact that the package contains around 12 000 individual files makes this a real bugger to work with.

What’s worse is that this machine only has Windows XP’s built-in CD writer – no Nero or Easy CD Creator. And boy, is this program sloooow. Bear in mind that I’ve downloaded a 217MB file (around 5 minutes), extracted it to a temporary folder (around 10 minutes), had Windows want to copy these files to another temporary folder (around 10 minutes) and now create a disc image of the files and burn them (around 15 minutes). I’m sure Nero could have done this quicker.

So, anyway, if you’re thinking of trying out SFU, I’d advise asking around to see if anyone has already burned a copy to CD as otherwise you’ll be there for a while. Good thing I have nothing better to do.

Update: It gets worse. So, that was an hour wasted. Great…


    Oh, wait. I just woke up. And already I’ve blogged.
    Good to know I’m getting into the ‘correct’ mindframe of a blogger. 😛

  2. Well I did get a little further.
    20Min download onto the jukebox, and treated as a cd.
    Installed on win2k server.
    “Please restart”
    Errm, no. This production server isn’t getting rebooted anytime soon.
    “now install these binaries on your redhat box”
    Errm, no. 1) I use Debian. 2) You expect me to put an untested binary from Microsoft on a linux box? Are you out of your mind?!
    I will be installing SFU on the new server in February though.
    And all this to avoid recompiling smbfs into the kernel.

  3. On a related note: OS X’s built in CD burning works similar, annoyingly similar. You have to copy the data to the “CD” and then trash the CD to write it. In Toast you just drag things to create a CD and burn.
    Maybe someday they will figure out how to build such a feature into the OS.
    I figured since M$ licensed the XP CD Burning feature from Roxio, it would be better, but it aparently is not.