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A drunken post

It’s been a while since I last posted when under the influence of alcohol, so I thought I’d repent and give you this entry. My reaction times are slowed somewhat, and my accuracy is almost non-existant – the fact that this has no spelling errors is quite frankly a miracle.
This week, I have no lectures, no labs, no tutorials, and no exams – basically a week off, so my intention is to take full advantage of that fact and go out most nights. Tonight was no exception, and I’m now quite drunk.
When I come around tomorrow morning with a hangover, I’ll probably wonder why the ‘eck I posted this, but, heh.


  1. Drunken postings ROCK!!

  2. ‘This is a test ping. If you can see this then Neil’s trackback spam prevention thingy didn’t work.’
    Found in my mailbox this morning. :/