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The 2004 Bloggies

So, I wasn’t nominated. Again. But on the other hand quite a few notable blogs were, so here’s my take on who I want to win, and who will win. Read away…

Best Meme

  • Who I voted for: The Friday Five. It has been a good source of content when I’ve been stuck for things to write, even if some weeks it has been a bit of a letdown. It’s also nice to see other people’s answers.
  • Who will win: Probably BlogShares. I just have this feeling it will.

Best essay or article about weblogs

  • Who I voted for: The first one. (the title is a bit long)
  • Who will win: The first one. Just seems the most interesting of the lot, although I think Rebecca Blood’s contribution may also do well.

Best weblog directory or update monitor

  • Who I voted for: BlogDex. It’s a constant source of strange and interesting things for Smaller World.
  • Who will win: Although I am still considering moving away from it when my gold subscription runs out, and instead using something hosted on this server.

Best web application for weblogs

  • Who I voted for: Movable Type. I’d probably die without it. Typepad looks good but I haven’t tried it.
  • Who will win: Movable Type. Almost no contest.

Best Australian or New Zealand weblog

  • Who I voted for: Loobylu. It’s the only one I’ve heard of.
  • Who will win: Loobylu. It did last year.

Best Asian Weblog

  • Who I voted for: Antipixel, for the same reason as above. I’d vote for Weblog Wannabe but it’s not nominated this year (shock horror!).
  • Who will win: Possibly AntiPixel but I don’t know.

Best African or Middle-Eastern weblog

  • Who I voted for: Where is Raed? (like you don’t know the URL by now). Salam Pax is brilliant.
  • Who will win: Almost certainly Where is Raed.

Best European Weblog

  • Who I voted for: Ben Hammersley’s Dangerous Precedent. Ben is a good writer (well duh, he’s a Guardian journalist) and his weblog is always a joy to read.
  • Who will win: Textism won it last year and is quite popular.

Best British (or Irish) Weblog

Yay, we have our own category this year!

Best Latin American Weblog

  • Who I voted for: None. Never heard of any of them.
  • Who will win: No idea.

Best Canadian Weblog

  • Who I voted for: MezzoBlue. As a web designer who is interested in standards this is mandatory reading.
  • Who will win: I reckon MezzoBlue will take it.

Best American Weblog

  • Who I voted for: Boing Boing. It really does link to some cool stuff.
  • Who will win: I reckon Boing Boing, but Kottke and Wil Wheaton are both in with a chance.

Best tagline of a weblog

  • Who I voted for: Chris. Other than that it’s the only blog I read, it is a good tagline. One that applies to me too.
  • Who will win: I’d go for Chris, but Sabrina Faire has a good tagline too.

Best Photography of a Weblog

  • Who I voted for: I suppose I should judge this on the photography on the sites, but sod it, I voted for ShutterBug because it’s the only one I’d heard of.
  • Who will win: Probably ShutterBug.

Best non-weblog content of a Weblog site

  • Who I voted for: Weblog Wannabe, because I’m easily bribed. But was a very close second.
  • Who will win:, because it’s won everything else. Well, a Webby.

Best programming of a Weblog site

  • Who I voted for:Girlie’s Tips and Tricks. Because I voted for ScriptyGoddess last year and fancied a change. And because I’ve found some useful stuff there.
  • Who will win: ScriptyGoddess – I do think it has been a little ‘over-engineered’ but it’s cool nonetheless. I’m surprised Textism, There is no Cat and were not nominated because these all have homegrown CMSes.

Best Weblog about Music

  • Who I voted for: Moby. Because he’s famous.
  • Who will win: Moby. Because he’s famous.

Best Weblog about Politics

  • Who I voted for: I don’t tend to read political blogs (apart from Little Green Footballs since the author is so misguided it’s amusing) but I voted for InstaPundit because I’ve heard of it.
  • Who will win: InstaPundit.

Best web development weblog

  • Who I voted for: This was difficult. MezzoBlue got my vote but I’d have voted for The Daily Report if I could vote more than once.
  • Who will win: Probably the Daily Report but I wouldn’t like to gamble for this one.

Best Computers or Technology weblog

  • Who I voted for: Another tricky one, but I went for Boing Boing. OnlineBlog and Gizmodo are both worthy of a vote though.
  • Who will win: I reckon SlashDot, but I hope it’s one of those three.

Best topical weblog

  • Who I voted for: Belle de Jour. It’s required reading, and if you don’t like what she writes about then you need a serious reality injection.
  • Who will win: Hopefully Belle de Jour.

Best GLBT weblog

  • Who I voted for:
  • Who will win: Little Yellow Different, based on past experience.

Most humourous weblog

  • Who I voted for: Little Red Boat. I’ve read it a couple of times and it seems quite cool.
  • Who will win: DaveZilla, I reckon.

Best group weblog

  • Who I voted for: Boing Boing. I think you know by now.
  • Who will win: Hopefully Boing Boing but I reckon BlogCritics will do well.

Best community weblog

  • Who I voted for: Fark. A good source of weird and interesting stuff, even if I don’t always agree with Drew’s views.
  • Who will win: Hard to say. All the nominess are popular.

Best-designed weblog

  • Who I voted for: I didn’t. I don’t know any of these, and was suprised that MezzoBlue didn’t appear here.
  • Who will win: I’ll look at the designs and tell you later.

Best-kept-secret weblog

  • Who I voted for: I didn’t. Again, I’d need to take time to review these.
  • Who will win: No idea.

Best new weblog

  • Who I voted for: Blog For America. While I hate the title it’s the only one I’ve read.
  • Who will win: Dean’s camp will take it, I reckon.

Lifetime Acheivement

  • Who I voted for: Anil Dash. I’ve been keeping an eye on this and I like his writing.
  • Who will win: Probably Matt, who would my second choice in the vote.

Weblog of the Year

  • Who I voted for: Weblog Wannabe. Firda’s been through a lot this year and I hope that winning this will cheer her up a bit. And she does have a very good weblog.
  • Who will win: Boing Boing, or perhaps Accordian Guy.

We’ll see how good my predictions are in 8 weeks time.


  1. It’s a good thing I don’t like Moby’s records, that’s for sure.

  2. You want something instead of blogrolling, try MySQlinks

  3. Dave – that’s what I’m intending to use :). But thanks for highlighting it anyway.