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Setting up phpBB2

The editor decided it would be a cool idea to set up a forum for the magazine. Although various individual clubs and societies have their own discussion boards, along with the evil Blackboard software that some departments have, there was no general message board for all students. So, enter the Scrapie Interactive Forum.
It’s running on phpBB2.0.6c (the latest version), which is an absolute cinch to install. You upload the files to a folder on the web server, set the permissions of one file to 666 (all can read and write), and then run an install script which takes you through setting up the database tables and admin account. I really wish Movable Type was as easy to install as this was. It took just 5 minutes to get the forum uploaded and set up.
Now comes the difficult bit – getting people to post there. It’s now linked from the main site, and it should get a mention in the next print edition which goes to the printshop tomorrow (if we get it finished in time). If any of you reading this want to sign up, feel free, but it’ll be primarily of interest to University of Bradford students. You will need to register before you can post and accounts require a valid email address to be activated.

One Comment

  1. I just recently completed an install of phpBB2 myself! It was so easy I thought I’d done something wrong.
    I’m setting mine up for Irish Rugby Now! a news website I’m doing, I decided a forum would be a good way to keep people coming back.
    The only bad thing I have to say about the software so far is that it’s hard to customize the skins. I see you’re still using the SubSilver theme also. I want to make mine look like the rest of the site, but that’s a way off yet!