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Quiz time

Stolen from Richard (the Bradford one).

Number of…

  • piercings = 0
  • tattoos = 0
  • height = 180cm last time I checked, which puts me just under 6 feet.
  • shoe size = 7. I know, I have small feet.
  • hair color = boring brown
  • eye colour = blue
  • siblings = 0


  • movie you rented = Eeeek… probably Disney’s animated version of Robin Hood. I haven’t rented a video in a long, long time.
  • movie you bought = Shrek, on DVD.
  • Song you listened to = Wildchild – Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Remix)
  • cd you bought = ‘101 Dance Hits’. It was in the HMV sale.
  • cd you listened to = ‘It’s All About The Stragglers Remix CD’ by the Artful Dodger, this morning.
  • person youve called = my parents, on Friday.
  • person thats called you = my parents, yesterday.
  • tv show youve watched = Never Mind The Buzzcocks, which is on now.
  • person you were thinking of = someone at this university.
  • friend you made = see above, although not the same person
  • enemy you made = see above, again not the same person


  • you have a crush on someone = yes, I’ll be honest.
  • you wish you could live somewhere else = yes – not sure where though.
  • you think about suicide = happened about four years ago, but not anymore.
  • you believe in online dating = not really.
  • others find you attractive = no idea, but I hope someone does
  • you want more piercings = not really
  • you drink = duh, I’m a student. It’s part of the job description.
  • you do drugs = nope.
  • you smoke = nope
  • you like cleaning = no, but sometimes it can be strangely appealing when compared to revision
  • you like roller coasters = sure do! Haven’t been on one lately though.
  • you write in cursive or print = cursive. But typing is easier.


  • food = Italian
  • song = Hmmm. I really like Wippenberg’s remixes, particularly what they did to “Let U Go” by ATB and “Castles in the Sky” by Ian van Dahl, and the Svensen and Gielen remix of “After All” by Delerium and Jäel is my big tune of the moment.
  • thing to do = computerry things
  • thing to talk about = randomness
  • sports = I enjoy watching rugby, and canoeing is good to do.
  • drinks = You can’t beat a good Coke, and Vodka Mudshakes are a work of genius
  • clothes = comfortable trousers with lots of pockets and tight-ish long sleeve t-shirts
  • movies = comedy
  • singer = Jäel from Lunik is pretty good, as are Skye and Sarah Dwyer.
  • holiday = if we’re talking public holidays, Christmas.

Have you…

  • ever cried over a girl = yes
  • ever cried over a boy = probably not
  • ever lied to someone = yes, but less often than I used to.
  • ever been in a fist fight = can’t say I have
  • ever been arrested = no. I’m a good boy.

Do you think you are…

  • funny = I’d like to think so but probably not.
  • hot = no, it’s a bit chilly in here.
  • friendly = I’d say so.
  • amusing = see answer to ‘funny’.
  • ugly = some people may think so
  • loveable = I’d ‘love’ to think I am
  • caring = usually
  • sweet = probably
  • dorky = quite likely

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