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Visitor OS Stats

One good thing about my host is that you have a variety of stat packages available. Most hosts give you Webalizer, which, admittedly, is a good program, but I actually prefer AWStats which looks nicer and presents the information in a much better way.
For example, it gives you a full list of what OSes are used to access pages. Now, while Windows, Mac and the Linux occupy the top three spots, as you move further down some really obscure OSes start to appear. We start with FreeBSD, then Sun Solaris, OpenBSD, BeOs, WebTV, OS/2, CP/M (!), NetBSD, RISC OS and finally AmigaOS with just the 1 visitor. While I imagine some people will use most of those, I have to say I’m very suprised that there’s someone still using CP/M out there. It’s been 9 years since my parents replaced their CP/M-based Amstrad 8256 with a DOS/Windows-based Intel 486 – someone must be running some very old technology somewhere.

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