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Personal Firewall Day

Just in case (like me) you didn’t know, today is ‘Personal Firewall Day‘, a day dedicated to raising awareness of computer security among consumers and businesses. It’s supported by the big names – Microsoft, McAfee, Zone Labs and Sygate – and recommends, unsurprisingly, that you install a personal firewall, with links to those four vendors. It also mentions installing an anti-virus program and keeping it up-to-date, and keeping your system patched with software updates.
Found via TheRegister which is generally supportive of the campaign, although it points out that software such as Grisoft’s free AVG program isn’t mentioned.

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  1. Today is Personal Firewall Day!

    Personal Firewall Day is a link to the “official” site. I will try and post a couple free firewall solutions later on today. Thanks Neil for the link….