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My second Blogiversary!

Today is the second anniversary of my first post to this blog! Over that time, I’ve managed:

  • 1528 entries (including this one)
  • 1102 user comments
  • 151 trackback pings

Most of all, I’m impressed at how long the site has lasted – I’ve run a number of sites prior to this and not one has survived as long as this one. It’s probably a testiment to Movable Type (and Blogger) that my interest has remained for so long.
Today I go back to university, ahead of my (written) exam on Friday on SQL. I’m going back today to give me time to settle in beforehand. It also meant I could download today’s MS Security patches on a reasonably fast connection. Also, last night I moved MT’s files so that it is running under cgiwrap , which apparently makes the whole thing more secure. I would have had it there originally but I didn’t find the option until a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Quack, quack!! 😛
    Nice work on the Blogiversary, too!

  2. Congratulations! I don’t think I’ve ever maintained a single project for that long :-[
    And good luck on the exam 🙂
    – Chris B