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Movable Type 2.66

There’s been a new, and somewhat unexpected maintenance release to Movable Type, which is now at 2.66. The new features aim to combat spamming, and include:

  1. A throttling measure so that comments from the same IP address can only be posted every N seconds, where N is configurable
  2. A measure to automatically ban an IP address based on an abnormal number of comments from the same address in a short period of time
  3. Changed the behavior of < $MTCommentAuthorLink$> to use redirects when linking to URLs given in comments. The goal of this is to defeat the PageRank boost given to spammers by posting in the comments on a weblog

(this was taken from the official announcement)
These fixes are very much welcome, and while they won’t end comment spam on their own, if everyone was to upgrade it would perhaps take away the main benefit of spamming – the pagerank boost.
Of course, this is no comfort to Kim, who has just relaunched her blog today and will now have to upgrade MT… 🙂


  1. Of course, this is also going to defeat the page rank boost I got there by posting on you blog. It annoys me so much that we have to change the way we act so much because of spammers!

  2. Well, that just figures. *sigh* 😛

  3. Don’t worry Dave, if I really like your blog you’ll get blogrolled, which could mean a higher and more permanent pagerank boost.