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Quick Blacklist Suggestion

Today my blacklist topped 1000 entries (1046 entries to be exact) – in the abscence of any updates from Jay while he heads off to the US, I’ve been getting updates from other sources, including most recently Long Story; Short Pier. This is all very well – with a bit of luck my blog should be pretty well protected against any scumbag attack – but it now means I have to load a 250k page every time I want to edit the list. Now while I have effectively unlimited bandwidth on this account, if comment spam does continue to be a problem for some time, then this page is only going to get larger and more difficult to use.
So, I propose two things for Jay to think about:

  1. Having the initial MT-Blacklist page to be a quick-loading ‘menu’ page, which doesn’t have all the entries on it. That way if I’m just sneaking in to update the list it doesn’t have to display everything in one go.
  2. Divide the entry list page into an alphabar, so all the domains starting with ‘a’ are on one page, the ones starting with ‘b’ are on another, and so on.

While I’m on the subject of comment spam, there’s a post at Mezzoblue; it and the subsequent comments are well worth a read.
Update: There has been an update to Jay’s master blacklist today. I only got another 3 domains from it but then I’ve added quite a lot of other domains recently so you may get more out of it.


  1. I have exactly what you are looking for. Wrote it today in an hour. It will probably reduce your by AT LEAST 50%, depending on your repetition, and perhaps even by 75-80% without losing a drop of effectivness…
    I’ll test in the next couple of days and then release… You’ll be happy… 🙂

  2. Hey Neil, where is your blacklist? I can’t seem to find it. I want to add what you have to my list.

  3. It’s not anywhere. When I initially set up MT-Blacklist I made a typo in the output file field, and although I’ve corrected it, it still doesn’t output. Sorry :(.