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More blacklist food

This guy got bombarded by comment spam yesterday, but, on the plus side, he is sharing his blacklist file so you can add the extra domains that he added. Bear in mind, however, that importing this as is will also prevent your commenters from using words like ‘sex’ and ‘passion’, so you may like to remove those words first. It’ll also stop people from being able to post domains with two consecutive hyphens (like–spam– – this shouldn’t be a problem since the vast majority of these domains are ethically suspect but it’s something to think about.
Thanks to Mark for linking to the site in his sideblog.

One Comment

  1. It’s not two consecutive dashes. Rather it’s two dashes in a name. Things like will trigger it.
    I did loosen up the single words, though, and built a bit of a nasty regex that ought to only catch things that look mostly like domain names.