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Missing news

I’ve had one of those days where I’ve got around to doing things that I’ve held off doing for months, including this entry on the ODP Weblog (prompted by this piece in LG Tech News Watch) and ripping a big stack of CDs that I hadn’t got around to doing until now.

I also realised that there were a few news items from the past few months that I’d forgotten to share with you, so, here goes, in chronological order:

  1. On September 13th 2003, my RSS feed got featured on Feedster’s Interesting Blog Of The Day, a whole 2 weeks before Andy’s was. Except I didn’t realise until after the event and I never got around to blogging it.
  2. In the ODP Editor Awards, the results of which were announced on the 18th of September, I did better than ever before, winning the Most Enthusiastic Editor award, and, best of all, coming in second place as Best Editall, an award I’ve been nominated twice for but never got anywhere with. The Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom team, which I’m part of, also won the Best Editing Team award after coming as runners-up last year. I was also nominated for several other awards. I never blogged it because I was expecting some official award graphics, but time constraints among the contest’s organisers meant that they still haven’t arrived yet – I was waiting until they were ready.
  3. Although I have mentioned that I became webmaster of Scrapie (and have suffered an increase in spam as a result), I didn’t mention that I recently re-did the whole site in standards-compliant, accessible markup. I also forget to mention that I have a few articles up there now, including my own editorial. We have a new issue due within the next two weeks so more of my stuff will be up there soon.
  4. Finally, my Christmas break is finally due to finish on Wednesday, when I go back to university to do my one and only exam this semester on Friday. Unfortunately, with my return being a midweek event, it means that while I can get to univeristy, my parents cannot, so most of my stuff will be lingering it home until the weekend. Which means a few days with only a few clothes and no TV…

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