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New and noted

Since I started using FeedDemon a few weeks ago, I’ve not really kept the blogroll up to date with some of the new blogs that I’ve started to read. So, today, I’ve added the following:

There’s also my ‘watch list’ – blogs that I’ve started reading in the past week. These haven’t yet made it to the blogroll but are ones to watch.

  • Leticia McKenzie – 17-year-old girl from the US who openly writes about her fantasies, albeit under a pseudonym
  • Dave’s Rants – a blogger from Ireland who trackbacked me today. His blog looks quite good, so into the aggregator it goes.
  • From the desk of the Evil Meta – another ODP editor who also helps with the ODP Weblog.

One Comment

  1. You’re way too kind to me, I’m going through a good patch with the blog at the moment. Normal service and boring posts will return shortly.
    No seriously thanks, it was my New Year’s blogging resolution to improve the site, so I’m trying. You’ve been added to my feedreader incidentally. I use Feed On Feeds it’s server based, so it’s easy for me to sync between home and college