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More blog spam resources

Mark Carey has a Blog Spam Database which includes a huge selection of extra URLs to add to your MT-Blacklist databases. Note that there were a few duplicates and some regexps which have been made obsolete by updates from Jay Allen, but I managed to add 300-or-so extra domains from it. As such, my own blacklist is now almost at 1000 entries.
Yoz Grahame’s seven quick tips for a spam-free blog is also worth a look – it was written some time ago but the advice is still good.


  1. User ‘Chris’ added 196 entries to the MT-Blacklist

    Thanks Neil. Where is your blacklist.txt ?…

  2. Ah thank you. The deluge was starting to get to much!

  3. I’ve only got one comment spam ever! What am I doing wrong (or right)

  4. Having read your comment that you have increased your blacklist to 1000, after viewing mark carey’s database.
    Do you not think, there may be a possiblity that you may include websites that do not deserve to be blacklisted?
    If we get in to a situation where everybody just copies URL’s from other blacklists, with no knowledge of the websites on them, it could lead to many legitimate websites being blacklisted.