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I annoyed the Mac Mafia!

I annoyed the Mac Mafia! Looks like my iPod Mini rant got picked up somewhere because in the past hour I’ve had a stream of comments coming on, the vast majority in defense of Apple. Some of them were quite blatently flames though, and I had to chuckle when I read comments like these:

If you do not know anything about finance you should not be trying to sound like an expert.

…before you bitch about the price of grown up toys – grow up and get a real job first.

You Brits are always complaining about something.

incidentally, the last one decided not to include his email address. Looks like the Mac Mafia are after me…


  1. It looks like put a link to your post, that would explain the extra comments. Being linked to from that site close to MacWorld, I am sure the visitors are coming in droves.

  2. mini iPod already covered.. err.. yeah

    Oh no.. I am not even going to do a post about the mini iPod because, while I was sick yesterday, everyone else in the world did. If…