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Spammers are stupid II

“Your Plumber Web Site is NOT Being SEEN! WHY? NO ONE CAN FIND IT!”

Yes, folks, I’m afraid I have a confession to make. I’m not really a student, I’m a plumber called Barry from Dunstable, and this is my plumbing website.
Um, yeah. That has to be one of the more… err… ‘random’ spams I have lately – the fact that it was sent to the ‘weblog’ alias of this personal domain obviously made them assume that I was a plumber. But then, according to them, this guy’s journal is really a bed and breakfast site and, perhaps more amusingly, The World Wide Web Consortium is actually a Florist.
The company, by the way is Regal Telecom, which is based in the UK. I hope they realise that by emailing me (an individual) they have just broken the law – as I understand it’s now illegal for companies to send unsolicited bulk email to individuals who do not have an existing relationship with them. There was also no way of opting out of future emails. Naughty naughty, very naughty.
Update: Had another one sent to the same alias, which, interestingly enough, never normally gets hit with spam. Again, advertising SEO services (although not for my ‘plumber web site’ this time) but using a BTOpenworld email address as a method of contact.


  1. Neil,
    The Information Commissioner is supposed to have a form on their website somewhere for reporting this sort of stuff.
    Or if you can’t find it give em a call. The sooner these spammers get a soon, sharp shock the better 🙂

  2. Interesting scheme; mailing people with “your (random) website etc.”
    The ironic thing is that this probably doesn’t work even if they are lucky, and just happen to get the message right.