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I’ll get my coat…

A conversation last night (or a rough variation thereof):

Friend: Do you know [so-and-so]?
Me: Oh yeah… unfortunately. Can’t say I really liked her.
Friend: Oh well, I’m going out with her now. She’s my girlfriend.
Me: Erm… * puts foot in mouth *


  1. Get ya foot outta ya mouth lad…
    That’s the test of a mate!
    If SHE blanks you next time you see them, then he’s a 3/10 mate.
    If she’s fine then he’s a 7+/10.
    ( If you slept with her then all bets are off because she might still fancy you ;D )

  2. If he’s a mate he’ll find it really funny …

  3. Burn!
    Sorry, had to.