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Ahead of the game

There’s a certain pleasure in knowing that you were one of the first people to find something that later becomes really popular. I first linked to Les’ What not to do during ‘Return of the King’ back in mid-November on smaller world, and was the first one to do so according to BlogDex. Since then, it’s been on Metafilter and Slashdot and has been in the BlogDex top 50 for several days now.
Still, having actually seen the film it makes more sense. It is definitely worth seeing – other than the fact they missed out the death of Saroman there’s much to criticise about it. And I bet that’s in the extended 16-DVD strictly limited edition gold plated box set anyway.
Oh yeah, since it is now at least January 1st everywhere… Happy New Year!


  1. Just finished seeing this movie today and I couldn’t help doing the Mr Anderson thing.
    Happy New Year to you too!

  2. And to you.