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Fix your links

I’ve been through my trackbacks table and found out as many instances as possible where another site is linking to this one using an outdated URL, and set up a redirect for that URL. Now it’s your turn, particularly if you happen to be called Jake, Richy or Andy. Here’s my redirect list – if you have time, do a search for ‘’ on your blog and then correct away. As a token gesture, I’ve also corrected any trackback links where the destination URL is wrong or redirects.
I also finished last night’s entry, which I somehow managed to lose most of.


  1. One thing you can do is create an MT template that will create a .htaccess redirect file. I used the method here:
    (just above the “Error Handler” setting).
    Yes, it makes my .htaccess huge, but it’s easier than correcting borked links between and from external entries all over my site.

  2. Not ErrorHandler “Setting” but “Heading” … Sorry, didn’t sleep well last night 🙂
    But that site did have some handy tricks when I rebuilt things last week.

  3. hey! arent url’s meant to be permanent? Therefore its YOUR fault 🙂

  4. hmmm – i can change the text in the page ok, but the trackback links are wrong too 🙁

  5. Andy: Don’t blame me for that – it’s the software’s fault! Honest!
    Jake: Won’t work because the entry IDs have changed several times, once with each reinstallation of MT. Unfortunately.