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Linkage from Anil

Normally I’d just post these in Smaller World but since they all came from the same source on the same day I decided to put them in a big entry. They’re all links that Anil has featured in his daily links blog.
Michael’s Minutes: Digital Museum Burns to the Ground. Although this was written 6 weeks ago it covers Michael Robertson’s reaction to the decision to destroy the entire archive of, the site he founded 6 years ago before selling it to Vivendi Universal for several hundred million dollars. The saddest thing was that offered to preserve all of this music, but the offer was turned down – now much of the catalogue, which contains hundreds of thousands of songs, may well be gone forever. is now owned by C|Net and will be used for something different. The site is still under construction.
There’s a new Movable Type Plugin called MTIcon, which adds a tag that lets you put an icon besides each commenter on an entry – the icon is the favicon.ico file from the comment author’s web site. Anil describes it as ‘pointless but cute’; I’d probably agree since it apparently adds considerable time to the rebuild process.
Also featured is an article discussing the pros and cons of styling feeds, and, in particular, how this relates to Atom. Turns out Dave Shea’s styled his feed very nicely, and although I am subscribed to it, I’d never had chance to look at it before. But then I did simpfeed the URL straight into FeedDemon without looking at it when I subscribed to it. The extra text, by the way, is added using XSL.

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