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Trimming your titles II

Sian, bless her little heart, passed on a few links from Brainstorms and Raves which has all manner of resources for fixing your links in MT so that they’re a bit more user friendly.
(Actually that site has linked to me in the past)
It did inspire me to investigate which sites have been linking to some of my outdated not-so-permalinks, and setting up permanent redirects for them so that they work again. I’ll also have a mosey through the trackbacks table in the database and pick up any more that I missed. Because the entry IDs have changed up to three times for some entries, setting up redirects for all 1300 or so entries I made before what I hope was the final change at the beginning of November will take days of tediousness, so, instead, I’m just doing it for the entries that have actually been linked by people.
Fortunately, Google, my largest source of traffic, has already rinsed its listings of any old URLs and replaced them with current ones.
I also had a look through the MT documentation and found that the <MTEntryBody> tag can take a words="n" attribute. This would be really useful for using in the URL – you can use, say, the first three words of the title, rather than the full thing, and you wouldn’t get half words, like you would if you used trim_to="n". Alas, it only works with that tag and isn’t a global attribute. Still, if you have a particular disposition to using long words it wouldn’t make the situation much better – if one of the first three words is something like ‘antidisestablishmentarianism’ then the URL will still be long, in which case trim_to="n" will probably work better for you.
(and yes, I checked the spelling of that)

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