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From here to New Year

I’ve changed the title background to something a bit less Christmassy and a bit more… err… New-Year-y. If you recognise the image it’s because you may well have seen it before. It’s one of my holiday photos that I’ve shrunk and cropped, but I think it looks cool. One of the advanages of using CSS for backgrounds is that changing the image takes just a couple of minutes at most for the whole site.
On the life front, things are going alright – today is my Dad’s birthday (sandwiched as usual between Christmas and New Year) and I’m listening to a new CD box set that I bought yesterday with part of my Christmas money. And yes, I bought it in the sales – what can I say, I’m a stingy tyke!
On Boxing Day we went through to have dinner with the relatives, and I got my wireless card fixed up so that it would work in Linux (you may remember my rant on the subject) – turns out that I was missing a few packages, including the Mandrake kernel source code, which, controversially, was not on any of the CDs I downloaded. Fortunately it was on and eventually the drivers compiled and were working by the end of the day. It wouldn’t have been something I could’ve done on my own, however.
Tomorrow we go to see Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King at the usual place – it’s not the cheapest place in the city but it’s certainly the nicest and the main screen is equipped to the THX standard. On Sunday 4th January (ie next Sunday) they’re playing all three films back-to-back from 1pm, ending at shortly before midnight.
As for New Year’s Eve, no plans just yet.

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  1. You’ll love ROTK.