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Spam for Christmas

Some prat with a fake information site about carpets (which was actually a doorway to a site selling rugs) decided to spam me earlier on. Naturally I have removed his comments and submitted them to the Comment Spam Clearinghouse. Anyway, I got an email just now from Jay Allen, who says that there has been a marked increase in blog spam activity today.
I reckon it’s the spammers assuming that a good number of bloggers will not be blogging over the festive season, so if they get their comments in now they will be there for a few days, during which time they may well get indexed by some search engines.
If you are updating over the festive period, update your blacklist now as there have been many additions this week, including a few new regexs.
On a side note, the domain that I was spammed with has also been deleted over at the ODP – I noticed it had been listed a few days ago but when I actually pasted some of the text into Google I realised that all of the content had been lifted from other sites. Additionally, the domain was registered to someone with no address, no phone number and a Hotmail account.
Anyway, Santa’s almost certainly on his way, so I’d be better off in bed. I’ll let you know which presents I get tomorrow – if I get any, of course. 🙂
Update: This morning I’d been spammed by a similar site (with similar WHOIS info) from the same IP block (a dial-up ISP), and had a blacklist denial in my event log. So 3 spams after almost a month of nothing – they’re definitely up to something. Seeing as I’ve been hit twice by the same guy, I’m tempted to invoice him for advertising fees, as per the terms of usage.
Update 2: Another one from the same IP, this time for a Poker site. Be rest assured that the lowlife’s IP block is now blocked from the site.

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  1. No spam, just a wish that you and the family have a Very Merry Christmas!