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FeedDemon bought

Since Nick also lets you order Bradbury Software products via PayPal, I thought I’d better register FeedDemon before my release candidate build expires at the end of the month. Although I’m quite aware of a lot of bad press about PayPal I personally have never had any problems with them, and neither have a lot of people who I know and who use the service. As well as taking my Switch card, they also offered me a much more attractive exchange rate, bringing the cost of FeedDemon down to £17.48 – better than the £18.06 that eSellerate insisted upon, although still above the actual rate which would have made it £16.86 (5p less than 5 days ago). Although it is the Christmas season there should be at least two business days before the new year for it to be processed.
While I normally shy aware from shareware, having used FeedDemon for the past few weeks I’ve come to rely on it so much that I can hardly bear to lose it in just over a week, and while £17 was a little more than I’d like to have paid my conscience feels better for it. If it interests you, this was only the second piece of software that I’ve ever registered, Trillian Pro being the first.


  1. ah, but how much software do you use that you’ve not registered? I’ve registered a fair amount of software but prefer freeware is possible.
    I also used paypal (for the first time) yesterday for a $3/month sub to – worked out at a paltry

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