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Taking a breather

I’m upstairs with my laptop, taking a breather from the relatives while they watch ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ on the DVD player. I’m still not particularly hungry after a very large lunch, where my mother prepared far more food than was necessary, even for nine hungry people. I imagine Christmas Eve will be spent polishing off what is left over.
Although hopefully I’ll have a bit of time to myself tomorrow to blog, I’ll let you in on what we’re doing for Christmas dinner this year. Traditionally, in the UK at least, we eat roast turkey with trimmings on Christmas Day – the trimmings being stuffing, chipolata sausages with bacon, sprouts and roast potatoes. I imagine it may be different in the US seeing as turkey is normally eaten at Thanksgiving which is (sadly) not something we celebrate here – I hear goose is the fowl of choice over there. Desert is usually a Christmas pudding, with plenty of brandy.
That’s the general tradition, anyway, which would be fine in our household if it weren’t for my mother’s general hatred of roast turkey. We have had goose in the past, and while it certainly tastes nicer than turkey it doesn’t make for good sandwiches on Boxing Day. As with last year, we’re having a joint of roast pork, although I’m unsure what mum is serving with it, although I’ve been assured it isn’t sprouts. I personally hate them.
If you’re looking for an excuse not to eat sprouts, just say that you’re on the Atkins diet or something. Unless you like roast potatoes, of course, since you won’t be allowed to have them either I imagine. On a related note, have a read of Mark’s wonderful piece about low-carb bagels that I came across this morning.

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  1. I can’t wait for my Turkey dinner tomorrow. It’s the best part about Christmas – gathering together for fun, laughter and food!